Montecatini Spa
GMT | Montecatini Terme

Our History

Montecatini Terme, our home town located in the center of Italy surrounded by enchanting vineyards and olive grove hills is famous not only for its Spas but also for its culinary specialities and Ice Cream which are unforgettable landmarks in Europe. From this town our passionate ice cream master has introduced into India, for the first time, the heritage of finest truly traditional Italian Ice Cream Art.

Our Chef

Mr. Giorgio, our Ice cream Master, by his outstanding experience is bringing to India a special blend of Mediterranean flair and traditional tastes by continuously mastering amazing flavours for the Indian ice cream Connoisseurs

Our Main Ingredients

At GMT we take pride in providing you with healthiest and as far as possible Organic Ice Cream by processing only strictly selected ingredients by us:

Organic milk

We use strickly organic milk and fresh cream daily delivered from local Galaxy milk Farm to our Lab for instant Pasteurisation

Ricotta Cheese and Mascarpone

Italian Ricotta cottage cheese as well Mascarpone strictly made out organic milk in our lab

Cacao Powder

only natural (strictly non industrial) processed organic choco powder is used for our choco recipes

Dried fruit & nuts

only by us roasted dry fruits and processed to fine paste in site

Wild Berries

Imported frozen wild berries and bitter cherries are processed in our lab

fresh fruits

Daily fresh selected fruits from the market are being processed in our lab

ladies finger biscuits

Ice Cream Waffle cone

Cat Tongue biscuits

Daily fresh waffle cones, and bisquits are made in our lab according to old Italian recipes